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Research General Coordination
Prof. Ilza Maria Costa Nogueira, PhD (UFPB)

Editorial Coordination:
Prof. Dr. Pablo Sotuyo Blanco (UFBA)

Prof. Alda Jesus de Oliveira, PhD (UFBA)
Prof. Erick Magalhães Vasconcelos, DMA (UFBA)
Prof. Jamary Oliveira, PhD (UFBA)
Prof. Manuel Veiga, PhD (UFBA)
Prof. Martha Herr, DMA (UNESP)

Technology Assistant:
Creation of the Site: Prof. Dr. Pablo Sotuyo Blanco (UFBA)
Webdesign: Tássia Camões Araújo (UFBA)
Web System: Renato Pellegrino

Executive Production: Music Graduate Program at UFBA

Technical assistance: 
Maintenance of the Site: Lindembergue Cardoso Filho

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